Trust is courage and loyalty is strength.

Marie von Ebner Eschenbach


Satisfied customers are important to us and we thank our customers for the long-term, sometimes even decades-long partnership with the leading rescue organizations around the world.

It's fun to work with you. You give us the strength to try new things and to further develop proven ones.
It's a good feeling to develop ideas together from paper to implementation and to save people - whether in the mountains, on the slopes, on the cross-country ski trail or in the air.

We want to courageously maintain and further build on this trust.

Mountain Rescue

Bergrettung Tirol

The development of the Tyrolean Mountain Rescue organization is associated with the history of TYROMONT. As a partner right up from the beginning many products were developed together and the close cooperation constantly produces new solutions.

Österreichischer Bergrettungsdienst

Many of our TYROMONT products result from decades of close cooperation with the Austrian Mountain Rescue Services. Nearly all 292 local offices use TYROMONT products.

Bergwacht Bayern

In the Bavarian Mountain Rescue organization numerous TYROMONT products are in use, starting with various models of Akja sledges, mountain stretchers up to a specially designed helicopter rescue bag with a vacuum mattress.

Bergwacht im DRK

In almost all of the various national associations of the German Red Cross Mountain Rescue are numerous TYROMONT products for rescue in rough terrain, mountain rescue, air ambulance and rock rescue used.

Bergrettungsdienst im AVS

The Mountain Rescue of the Alpine Club South Tyrol was officially founded in the post-war years. It now operates 34 mountain rescue bases which are partners of TYROMONT for many years now. Currently they have been equipped with more than 45 newly developed helicopter rescue bags.

Bergrettung C.N.S.A.S.

Together with the Mountain Rescue in the AVS Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e speleologico (CNSAS) is responsible for the alpine rescue service in South Tyrol. In this case there are numerous TYROMONT products used.

ARS - Alpine Rettung Schweiz

Founded in 2006, the ARS (Alpine Rescue Switzerland) is a non-profit foundation supported by Rega and the Swiss Alpine Club SAC. Many of the 92 rescue stations trust in terrestrial rescue products from TYROMONT.

Bergrettung Liechtenstein

The Mountain Rescue Liechtenstein works with rescue sledges, mountain stretchers and winches from TYROMONT for many years now.

GOPR, Poland

Górskie Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe.

GRZS, Slovenia

Gorska reševalna zveza Slovenije.

HGSS, Croatia

Hrvatska Gorska Služba Spašavanja.

HSCR, Czech

Horská Služba Česke Republiky.

HSnS, Slovakia

Horská Služba na Slovensku.

Salvamont, Romania

Asociatia Nationala a Salvatorilor Montani di Romania.

Bulgarian Red Cross, Bulgaria

Moutain Rescue Services.

HRT, Greece

Hellenic Rescue Team.

ICE-SAR, Iceland

Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue.

Norske alpine redningsgrupper

Norske alpine redningsgrupper


Cross-border Programme between Republic of North Macedonia and Republic of Albania,
within the project “New opportunities for safe winter adventures”.


Funded by European Union IPA CBC Programme MK-AL.

New cooperation with a professional team of volunteers.



Air Rescue

ÖAMTC Flugrettung Christophorus

The Christophorus Air Rescue has been partner of TYROMONT right up from the beginning. Our helicopter rescue bag “Christophorus” and the vacuum mattress 80 with belt system are due to the development of the senior cabin rescuers Josef Redolfi and Heini Willmann.

Flugrettung der Bergrettung Vorarlberg

The province of Vorarlberg has delegated the organization and operation of the air rescue to the Vorarlberg Mountain Rescue Services. They operate with two ambulance helicopters, which are equipped with a number of TYROMONT air rescue products.

Schider Helicopter Service

Founded 20 years ago, the company operates four helicopter bases in the Tyrolean lowlands. For rescue operations an individually developed TYROMONT rescue bag including a vacuum mattress is used.

Heli Austria

The Heli Austria, Heli Tyrol and Martin Air Ambulance operate 5 air ambulance bases in western Austria. They also TYROMONT helicopter rescue bags and vacuum mattresses.

ARA – Air Rescue Austria Flugrettung

Founded in 2001, the ARA Air Ambulance uses at its two locations in Reutte/Tyrol and Fresach/Carinthia TYROMONT helicopter rescue bags.


The Swiss Rega, with 18 helicopters and three ambulance jets, rely on TYROMONT helicopter rescue bags. Together with our partner Airwork (A & H) already the fourth generation of rescue bags were developed in 2017 and has been in use since then.


The Air-Glaciers with their 9 bases in western Switzerland has long been familiar to TYROMONT helicopter rescue bass. End of 2012 the latest generation of bags was taken in operation.

Air Zermatt

Founded in 1968, Air Zermatt AG with its two bases in Zermatt and Raron has been using customized TYROMONT helicopter rescue bags for many years now.

ADAC Luftrettung

Founded in 1970, the ADAC air rescue is today with 35 stations and 49 rescue helicopters the largest air rescue organization in Germany. At the base "Christoph Murnau" TYROMONT helicopter rescue bags are used for hoist rescue operations.

DRF Luftrettung

Rapid emergency rescue from the air and safe patient transport with helicopters and ambulance aircraft - that is what DRF Luftrettung stands for. DRF uses highly functional rescue bags from TYROMONT.

Aiut Alpin Dolomites

Aiut Alpin Dolomites is the Ladin term for "alpine help in the Dolomites". Located in Pontives (Val Gardena) they operate with TYROMONT helicopter bags for various rescue operations.

Norsk Luftambulanse

The Norsk Luftambulanse AS operates 12 air rescue stations in Norway. For the rescue of injured they use TYROMONT helicopter rescue bags and vacuum immobilization products.

CHC Scotia

CHC is one of the world's largest commercial helicopter companies based in Vancouver, Canada. For the Search and Rescue (SAR) division in the UK  the company has relied on mountain bags from TYROMONT for many years.

Bristow Group

Bristow Group is the leading provider of helicopter services to the worldwide offshore energy industry. For Search and Rescue (SAR) services in the UK and SAR services for the offshore industry in the North Sea Bristow uses air rescue equipment from TYROMONT.

RAF Search and Rescue

The Royal Air Force maintains a 24-hour search and rescue service covering the entire UK within the UK search and rescue region; therefore, 12 helicopters are operated in the UK, another ones in Cyprus and the Falkland Islands.

Slope Rescue