Protective cleaning and disinfection cover for belts and personal equipment

Article Nr. Size L: 98007
Article Nr. Size M: 98027
Article Nr. Wash protection bags: 93392

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In times of Covid19, textile parts of rescue equipment should be washed more often or disinfected if necessary. However, these textile parts are often provided with bulky closures, fastening buckles and the like. In addition, these buckles are often sewn in and cannot be removed or removed for a wash cycle.To protect the parts to be washed, but also the washing machine, TYROMONT has developed a series of cleaning protective covers. These sleeves protect both sensitive straps themselves and the buckles from being hit in the washing machine.The cleaning protective covers are made from a highly tear-resistant, very flexible PES fabric with a PVC soft foam coating. The two larger versions have a zipper for safe storage of the parts to be cleaned, the special bag for the suspension has a stable elastic band. The washing and disinfecting effects are not affected in any way.