Disinfectant nebulization.

Article Nr.: 88100 Nebulizer with 5l Canister
Article Nr.: 88110 5l Canister
Article Nr.: 88112 10l Canister

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By nebulizing the disinfectant pretect®room forte / Solenal, you reduce the germ load by up to 99.9999%.

Made in a patented process from the natural raw materials salt and water. After use, it disintegrates into its components (salt and water) and has been dermatologically tested with "very good". Does not contain alcohol, not flammable, without chemicals. The decontamination takes place physically. The fine nozzle atomizes the droplet size so small that no wiping is necessary.

Disinfection takes place without a time-consuming washing process, but purely with fogging and our rescue bags are ready for use again within a very short time.

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