High stability despite the lightweight construction principle.

Article No.: 81370
Length: 1980 mm
Width: 900 mm
Weight: 4.70 kg

Product request

This new type of vacuum mattress offers several advantages over the previous vacuum mattresses:

Light weight only 4.7 kg.

New multi-chamber system - mattress maintains its shape. No more stroking necessary.

New removable shoulder straps and tether straps. Can be rolled up and easily transported with a shoulder strap.

The new multi-chamber system (120 chambers) - the layers of the outer cover are welded together point by point, creating chambers between the points that hold the inner beads in their correct position and are evenly distributed.

This enables quick, safe and easy use in all situations.

Automatic, self-shutting valve does not have to be closed after vacuumizing the mattress. Even if the pump hose slips off, there is no loss of vacuum. The valve can be operated with any commercially available vacuum pump using an adapter.

Temperature resistance: -40°C to +70°C