Newly developed compact rescue system for use in confined spaces.

Article Nr.: 93265
Height: 107 cm
Circumference: 115 cm
Diamater: 32cm
Weight: 7,1 kg

Product request

Rescue seat according EN 1498-B with integrated half spine board.

The TYROMONT rescue system TYROLL CS was developed and engineered for the professional rescue of a patient from confined spaces.

The device enables the rescuer to pack the patient efficiently and securely for a vertical lift, horizontal carry out or drag extraction from all confined spaces like hub or wind-turbine nacelle of wind energy plants, shafts and chambers.

Thanks to the integrated carbon spine board and the additional drag runners on the underside, the patient could be dragged smoothly and gently in confined spaces operations and especially in overcoming sharp edges.

The integrated rescue seat allows a comfortable transport of the patient and in case of overcoming bottlenecks the system could be vertically lifted with the special suspension (optional, #93540).

A variety of handles and straps allow the patient to be transported by carrying horizontally.