The "classic“ helicopter rescue bag with 10-point suspension.

P/N: 93195
Length: 2.050 mm
Width: 560 mm
Weight: 3,40 kg

Product request

HEMS (=Helicopter Emergency Medical System) carrying bag for the horizontal transport of injured persons.

Protective bag to fully enclose the patient, manufactured from high strength, water- and wind resistant perlon PES fibre.

Bottom with sewn diagonal-belt weight bearing system made from rotting-free, high strength 45mm PES belt provides even weight distribution for perfectly horizontal bedding of the injured.

Underside equipped with spike-stripes. Integrated carrying loops for lifting the patient and attachment of the suspension.
Stow-away side-pouches over the entire length for the complete storage of the suspension.

Longitudinal large-area Velcro closing for perfect adoption to the size of the injured. Four additional external fixation belts.

Head opening with additional padding, geared up for the optional application of the "Face protection shield" (93281).

Storage bag for vacuum pump and neck-immobilization, equipped on top with Velcro fastener for optional application of the RBS Rotation Brake System (93285).

Suspension: 10 high strength fibre suspension ropes / five of each side pooled in one Maillon Rapide delta-link carabiner.