The classic Akja rescue sled in one-piece version for 2-rescuer operation.

Article No.: 93031
Length: 2200 mm     Width: 560 mm
Length of poles: 1650 mm
Weight: 27 kg (incl. poles)
On request also length of 2000 mm available (Art. No. 93059)

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Designed for 2-rescuer operation in all kind of snow - covered terrain, groomed or ungroomed.

Especially good in steep and/or icy slopes and moguls.

The classic Akja - Rescue Sled in one-piece version. Time-proofed design and workmanship, thousands of them worldwide running.
+ 20 cm in length - more room for even the tallest injured
+ 20 cm in height of the poles for more comfort of the rescuer

Long lasting durability: Manufactured completely from high-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy for many years of reliable, maintenance-free action.

Stable running characteristics: Reinforced steel runners with especially hardened fins provide stable running even in very icy conditions.

Two pairs of poles (for two rescuers), can be detached easily by bayonett-lockings. The grips of the handles are high enough for tall rescuers. New: Integrated stabilization profiles for increased bending strength.

Bayonett-lockings are wear-free, 100% icing-safe and easily to handle.

Carrying grips on both ends of the sledge for comfortable lifting and carrying of the sled.

Four fixation belts with aluminum buckles for safe fixation of the injured; resistant against breaking and icing, can be operated with skiing-gloves.