Specially developed injured bag for the new Mountain Stretcher TYRAL with Internal Belting System.

Article No.: 93073
Length: 2050 mm
Width Bottom: 460 mm
Coverage: 1400 - 1700 mm
Weight: 3 kg

Product request

The TYRAL injury protection sack completely encloses the patient (also with a vacuum mattress) and protects against impairment and hypothermia.


An ice-proof Velcro fastener enables injured persons to be individually sized.


The head opening of the rescue bag is equipped with a reinforced edge and contains the holder for the optional face protection hood (item no. 93281).

Equipped with an A5 document pocket with a large viewing window.



Eight carrying straps that can be stowed in the side pockets allow the injured person to be lifted or repositioned.

With integrated restraint belt (= IRG) to secure the patient lengthways and crossways. Additional leg loops to fix the injured person in the caudal direction prevent the injured person from slipping in the direction of the foot. Four external COBRA® buckles for securing the sack to the optional fastening loops of the TYRAL mountain stretcher (item no. 70550).