Robust 7-part probe for scheduled searches.

Article Nr.: 93912
Length in total: 4.200 mm
Length in parts: 620 mm
Colour: red/black
Weight: 720g

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7-part avalanche probe for scheduled search use.
Total length 4.20 m (60 cm per single rod).

Made from a robust special aluminum alloy, it is characterized by its accuracy when probing and its robustness.

The avalanche probes are powder-coated in a special process, which significantly reduces the heat conduction of snow and aluminum and prevents the risk of freezing and freezing on the skin.

The individual avalanche probe elements are connected by stable screw connections. This prevents inaccuracies when probing.

A particular advantage of the screw connections is evident in large-scale operations. They make it possible to continue using the probe in the event of unavoidable damage to individual probe rods due to stored stones, pieces of wood, etc. or, in extreme cases, to remove replacement rods for several probes from one probe.

Complete with robust probe pouch and key.