For grinding and pulling the mountain stretcher TYRAL on snowy surfaces.

Article No.: 93262
Length: ca. 935 mm
Width: ca. 120 mm
Weight: ca. 1.15 kg (per pair 3.3 kg)

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The two Gliding-Ski-Modules are also easy to apply in soft snow and allow the TYRAL stretcher to remain easy to slide and pull even in muddy snow.

The identical and symmetrical shape avoids confusing the attachment.

The Gliding-Ski-Modules can be attached in three different positions.
   For flat terrain, apply offset to the right and left (head and foot section).
   Attach to both sides of the foot for vertical downwards.
   Attach to both sides of the head for vertical upwards.

The two sliding ski modules can be easily attached to the stretcher without tools using a pipe clip.

Another advantage is that the two Glide-Ski-Modules can remain on the stretcher even when the wheel is in use - no constant conversion necessary. The Wheel support is only removed for crossing snow fields.

A plastic tub was deliberately avoided in order to be able to offer a sustainable, long-lasting product.