Highly-efficient rescue sled with integrated brake support system for one-man operation.

Art. No.: 93040
Length: 2.000 mm     
Width: 600 mm
Weight: 28,5 kg (incl. poles)

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•    Newly developed, high-efficient braking system
•    Fine tuneable braking power according to the steepness of the alpine terrain
•    Perfect directional stability because of three guiding skids
•    Flat form enables a perfect bedding of the injured

Because of its flat bottom, the Canadier is designed to be operated in the fall-line, in groomed skiing terrain of all difficulties and snow conditions.

Refined Brake Support System: By pushing the poles of the sled downwards, the rescuer creates an even and fine tuneable breaking power. A simple but effective lever-system increases this power and presses four breaking claws into the snow. Due to this, the Canadier can be braked safely even on steep and icy slopes. In very flat terrain, the brake is fully deactivated by slightly pulling the poles upwards. The sled runs then about as fast as a normal skier.

Three triangular runners, exclusively molded for the Canadier, provide excellent running-stability.

Thanks to its design, the Canadier is very light yet extremely durable.

Even shape of the sled - only bent upwards at the bow - and the wide lying area allow a horizontal and very comfortable bedding of the injured, especially together with a vacuum mattress and/or rescue bag. Lying area with anti-slip mat for better fixation of the patient.

Long lasting durability: Manufactured completely from high-strength, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy. The triangular runners provide additional stiffness of the sled.

Two detachable poles can be attached with quick locks, equipped with safety loop handles.

Four carrying grips at both ends allow easy lifting of the sled.

Fixation of the injured with newly developed 4-point belt system with COBRA buckles (for the upper part of the body) and two transverse fixation belts with aluminum buckles; resistant against breaking and icing, can be operated with skiing-gloves.