Training with a hughe Variety.

Article Nr.: 93923
Length: ca. 185 cm
Width-Middle: ca. 45 cm
Weight: 1,4 kg (without MiniAnne)
                2,1 kg (with MiniAnne)

Product request

"Romed" is the variant with the most training options.

 From searching with the buried victim search device to probing and excavation exercises to resuscitation.


"Romed" is modular and can only be buried as a "body".

The bag with the CPR torso can be strapped onto the body training pad like a backpack.


Easily transportable; water-repellent material.

Bag for the integration of a buried victim search device. The device should also be protected against the probe tip. (Avalanche search device not included)

A Recco RescueReflector for the Recco search can also be attached to the fastening strap. (Recco Reflector not included)

A 20x10cm aluminum plate is integrated in the leg area. This is used to simulate different substances.

Ski poles or ski boots can simply be attached to the pad, thus ensuring a realistic excavation situation.


Developed together with the Tyrolean mountain Rescue service.