The lightest mountain stretcher ever.

Art. No.: 93255
Length: 2.150 mm
Width: 560 mm
Height Frame: 250 mm
Weight: 15,0 kg (frame with handles) / 18,0 kg (frame, handles & wheel system)

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Building on more than 65 years of experience of TYROMONT in the construction of mountain stretchers, the new Mountain Stretcher TYRAL is by far the lightest ever built stretcher and those with the highest stability reserves.

Ideal for alpine rescue operations: for ropeing up and down, dragging over rock and ice, driving on narrow paths and transport through forest terrain.

Through the use of specially manufactured, high-strength aluminum oval-shaped tubes the new stretcher has a weight of about 15.0 kg, and this with proven terrain characteristics.

The shape of the mountain stretcher is derived from the classic “Marine Stretcher” and offers maximum mobility in any terrain. In order to make it easier for the rescuer to support the legs while ropeing up or down, the lower tubes of the frame are retracted inwards. By avoiding freestanding cross bracing, snagging on shrubs and other obstacles in the terrain is avoided.

The newly designed 3D-division in combination with the Safe-Lock closure makes it easy to assemble the two halves in any position as well as in the dark.

The four handles, which can be adjusted in 12 positions, can always be adjusted via a locking pin when transporting an injured person. With the CAD optimized design, special attention has been paid to the strength of the handles, so each handle can individually absorb the weight of the entire loaded stretcher.

Wheel system EVO for latching to the underframe and fixation with two ball-lock pins. Due to the rigid fork shape, a torsionally rigid fixation of the aluminum spoked wheel with a tubeless tire with a quick release. Foldable to reduce size during transport.

Harness: 45mm colour-coded cross belts in the upper part of the body, one transverse strap in the pelvic and one in the leg area, each lockable with COBRA® polymer buckles.


TYR_Datasheet_93255_Mountain_Stretcher_TYRAL_v19.10.pdf TYR_Datasheet_93255_Mountain_Stretcher_TYRAL_Features_v19.10.pdf