Moving Mountains

TYROMONT supports the Sancho association. Tirol helps Nepal in the development region Solukhumbu in the northeast of Nepal.

Sancho is the Nepalese word for healthy. The Sancho Association has been successfully supporting health projects in Nepal for years. Sancho was founded in April 2007 in Schwaz and is run on a voluntary basis. The motto "move mountains" can also be equated with "Tyrol meets Nepal"

TYROMONT supports the association and thus the residents of Solukhumbu in Nepal with a donation in kind. LED headlamps are made available to the association as a useful aid for nightly operations or for the transport of sick but also healthy people.

With our donation in kind, we want to help ensure that residents get to their destination safely and safely even at night, as there is hardly any street lighting.


We will continue to work with the Sancho Association to support the people in Solukhumbu.